Short Stories

Hot Mall Santa is my latest holiday-themed novella. It’s a love letter to my time in the retail trenches during the Christmas season.

You better watch out. You better not cry. Hot Mall Santa is coming to town!

Instead of round and jolly, this year’s mall Santa is chiseled and smoldering. The second he strolls into Oakville Mall wearing sunglasses, stubble, and his Santa hat cocked to the side, Santa gets all the tongues wagging—especially Tom Webster’s. A lowly retail associate at The Décor Store, Tom spends his time chasing a promotion and boss that are both out of reach. His fantasies about being a ho-ho-ho for Santa soon cross into reality after an unexpected night together. While the rest of the town obsesses over Hot Mall Santa, Tom gets to know the sweet, nerdy history buff under the suit and six-pack abs. But to win Santa’s heart, he must fight off the lusty moms, adoring fans, and his own fear of rejection.

Hot Mall Santa is a fun and sexy novella at 32,000 words filled with nutty Christmas shoppers, a grown man wearing reindeer antlers, and too many holiday puns. 

Available exclusively on Amazon and free for Kindle Unlimited members!

You Got Scrooged is an M/M Christmas-themed short for anyone who loved A Christmas Carol but wished that Scrooge and Cratchit got it on. It’s tangentially set in the same Browerton universe and features a cameo from the characters of Out on a Limb.

You Got Scrooged coverHow the Dickens did Geoff Anderson’s life end up like this? One moment, he was a Broadway-bound actor, and the next, he’s playing Bob Cratchit in a community theater production of A Christmas Carol opposite Harvey, the most chipper (and attractive) Scrooge in history. For Geoff, Christmas is filled with painful memories he’d prefer to wash away with his flask full of bourbon. After a diva-tastic meltdown backstage on Christmas Eve, Geoff storms out of the theater, ready to spend another holiday alone. But instead, he totally gets Scrooged. 

Join Geoff on a journey revisiting the heartache of his past and the blindspots of his present, with Harvey, who also has secrets of his own, along for the ride. As the night wears on, these two mismatched co-stars start to bond, but will it be enough to prevent the nightmare vision of Geoff’s future from coming true? 

You Got Scrooged is a short story of 18,000 words that will be sure to scratch your holiday itch. Although if it’s still itching, you might want to see a doctor. 

The short is available exclusively on Amazon and is free for Kindle Unlimited members!

A Week by the Lake is a short story starring Greg and Ethan from Out in the Open.

A week by the lake_coverGreg and Ethan from Out in the Open return for a summer trip that will test their relationship like never before. 

Fresh from graduation, and a post-graduation romp in the library stacks, Greg is ready to enjoy the summer. But Ethan can’t stop thinking about whether they can do the long distance thing this fall. Greg takes him to his family’s lake house to unwind, but when he runs into a guy from his past, Ethan starts to wonder if they have a bigger problem than mileage. 

A Week by the Lake is a short story at 10,000 words that contains humor, heart, some angst, some sex, a working fireplace, an uneaten sandwich, and a bike covered in Elmo stickers. It’s probably best if you read Out in the Open first, but new readers can still enjoy getting to know Greg and Ethan here.  

The short is available to purchase at Amazon and is free for Kindle Unlimited members!