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It’s the Looking trailer!

I adored the show Looking, which had a brief but special 2-season run on HBO a few years ago. Dom’s mustache. House in Virginia. Kevin’s butt. (seriously) It was all wonderful. Most importantly, Looking showed gay characters as complex, imperfect individuals. Not stereotypes. It had the vibrant, fast-paced dialogue of director Andrew Haigh’s Weekend, another one of my favorites. I like to think that the characters in my Browerton University series would be friends with this gang.

When the show was cancelled after season 2, we were promised a wrap-up movie. And now it’s coming on July 23, and judging from the trailer, I know it’s going to be amazing and extra angsty and will send the show out with the bang it deserves. (Even though Kevin’s bleach blond hair is like a 2000s flashback nobody wanted.)

Did you watch Looking? Excited for the movie?




Donald Trump Gay Erotica

The billionaire trope is a popular one in gay fiction. As is enemies to lovers. So I guess it shouldn’t be too much of a shocker that someone has written a gay erotica novel about one of the world’s most hated (or loved) billionaires – Donald Trump.

Elijah Daniel got drunk one night and decided to write an erotic short story about The Donald gettin’ it on with a new bellboy at one of his hotels. The bellboy’s “loins trembled” from the “scent of toupee adhesive and spray tan” emanating from the presidential candidate and secret weapon of Home Alone 2: Lost in the New York.

Catchy title! 

It seems that Trump is the new dinosaur, as the book has shot to the stop of the Amazon best-seller list. After one week of release, the story has garnered over 200 reviews and topped (hehe) the LGBT and humorous erotica lists. The story is currently selling more copies than Trump’s business classic The Art of the Deal. I guess it’s fitting since Trump’s appearance has helped debates and TV shows reach record ratings during the election cycle. Why not erotica? I think he would approve of such a successful brand extension.

If anything, what Mr. Daniel and his story has showed me is that if you have an idea inside you, go for it. Don’t wait. Thanks to Amazon and e-publishing, books can be just as responsive to popular culture as television and blogs. While we want to craft the best books we can, sometimes it pays to rush and ride a wave of relevance. After the first batch of primaries next month, Trump could be old news and then nobody would want to read Mr. Daniel’s story.

If you’re curious, Trump Temptation: The Billionaire and the Bellboy is available on KU or to purchase. And I’ll leave you with Mr. Daniel’s message to readers: “But thanks for reading my f–king garbage, I guess. I’m so sorry.”

Outsiders, which pop culture figure or event would you love or hate to see in erotica form? Cruz/Bush anyone? (Sorry for putting that image into your head)



Why I care about Tom Hardy’s Bisexuality

15067102739_64bac8af56_mI shouldn’t. It’s rude of me. It’s none of my business. It doesn’t matter what he does or who he does in his private life. The rampant speculation over Tom Hardy’s sexuality is a byproduct of our paparazzi culture, where people have no respect for any celebrity privacy.


I care. I can’t help it. I’m sorry, Tom.

You see, Tom Hardy gave frank, refreshing answers in a 2008 interview, regarding his sexuality. He suggested that he had fooled around with guys when he was younger, but it wasn’t his thing, and now he’s married to a woman. That response was brilliant and progressive, and I hate that it’s being treated like a piece of salacious gossip and a gotcha journalism crutch.

I doubt Tom Hardy is gay. He’s bi. And barely bi. More like bi-curious. Right now, we have openly gay celebrities and proudly trans celebrities, but we don’t have any open and proud male bisexual celebrities.

Guess what? Tom isn’t alone. There are plenty of guys who’ve been with guys and girls. They experimented. Their sexualities are more fluid than other guys. It sounds like such a radical concept because the mainstream likes to see sexuality as gay or straight with no in-between. People forget that you could exist somewhere in the middle of the Kinsey scale, not just as either end. We’re okay when it’s women, but freak out if we find out a guy fooled around with another guy once.

We need more male bi-sexual and bi-curious representation. How awesome would it be if Tom Hardy — major franchise movie star —  was like “Yeah, I fooled around guys when I was younger. It wasn’t my thing. Next question.” It’d be a breath of fresh air. And maybe there’d be a young guy out there battling with his sexuality who after hearing that, would feel a little more secure in his confusion.

But of course, once Tom Hardy started getting famous, he backtracked on his past comments. While it isn’t any of my business, by denying any of his past bisexual activity, then the status quo wins. And that’s why I care when I probably shouldn’t.

I think we’re at a point where people want so badly for there to be a gay male movie star. We’re so close. We don’t want another Travolta. So we’re clinging to anything that could give us hope, and that includes the thought of MySpace-era Tom Hardy getting down with another guy.

What do you think? Should people stop asking Tom Hardy to “clarify” his sexuality, or should he be upfront and honest about his erstwhile bi-curiosity?


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