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THE TOKEN YANK available now!

The Token Yank is now available!!

This is the first in my new “Expats” series, which chronicles the tales of young guys finding adventure and love in foreign countries.

The Token Yank follows Rafe from Out for the Night on his study abroad adventures in England, though you don’t need any prior Browerton knowledge to jump in. The title comes from an article I read years ago about Laura Linney’s character in Love, Actually, and it’s always stuck with me. This is one of my most personal books, based in part on my experiences studying abroad there 13 years ago.

Wow. 13 years. Time really freaking flies.

This book is personal. It’s romantic. And it’s damn sexy. There’s a scene on a soccer field (or football pitch) that was one of my favorite to write. It’s a scorcher.

Click here to pick up a copy at Amazon. (FREE for KU members)

Rafe’s Study Abroad Bucket List:
-See Stonehenge
-Get drunk (legally, for once!)
-Seduce a hot British guy (or five…)

After years of grand romantic gestures that went bust and left him perpetually single, Rafe wants nothing more than to shag his way through Jolly Olde England. He’s vowed to stop looking for romance and enjoy the next three months as the lone Yank in a sea of Brits at Stroude University. 

But his “Operation: Slut” mission goes awry when he meets Eamonn. His Beatles-hating, raspy-voiced flatmate shows him a true Blighty adventure, one filled with downing Snakebites, shopping trips to Asda, fist fights, and liberal usage of the c-word. 

For Eamonn, helping Rafe is a distraction from the uninspiring future waiting for him and a chance to forget about his ripped-out, stomped-on heart. In fact, Rafe may be the one to put it back together. That is, if the return ticket back to the States doesn’t pull them apart first.


Out for the Night available now!

The next book in the Browerton series is now out for your enjoyment! Stay warm and spend a few hours away from the news with Coop and Matty. Out for the Night is like 10 Things I Hate About You meets The Big Bang Theory with a splash of 8 Mile — and starring gay guys, obviously. If you love watching jocks and nerds fall in love over robots, rapping, and dry humping, then Out for the Night is for you.

And at the very least, you can salivate over this hottie on the cover.

“For the night, I am yours…”

 Meet Coop: Formal date. Wingman. Friend. Mystery man. He calls himself the G-rated Gigolo of Browerton. He could be anyone you wanted him to be…for a price.

 One night, his services are called upon for a unique assignment: distract a computer science nerd whose strong grades are killing the class curve. All Coop has to do is get the guy away from his books, save the curve, and collect the biggest payday of his G-rated Gigolo career.

 Should be easy enough, right?

 Matty has no interest in making friends or any cherished college memories that don’t involve the Dean’s list. Growing up, he withstood years of relentless bullying and loneliness to graduate from high school as valedictorian. His tough shell helps him excel at Browerton, bringing him one step closer to his dream internship in robotic engineering—even if he has to do it solo.

 When Coop stumbles into his life, he slowly breaks down the walls that Matty keeps concreted in stone. Sparks fly and quickly blossom into something deeper, but how long can their relationship last before the truth comes out?

Pick up your copy of Out for the Night at Amazon, Barnes & NobleKobo, or Smashwords today!

Out of My Mind – coming 9.19.16

Book 3 in the Browerton University series is coming this September. I am psyched to bring you Out of My Mind.

This book.

It nearly sent me out of my mind. I rewrote 3/4 of it, threw out characters and subplots, and redid the entire back half twice. It was a slog, but I am so proud of this book. I pushed myself more than ever before to make this book shine. I loved exploring Mac and Gideon’s relationship from friends to enemies to roommates to friends again to something more. The book is about learning to live the life you want, not the life others expect you to live. And it’s easily the steamiest book I’ve written. 

Out of My Mind comes out September 19th, and is available to pre-order on Amazon and Kobo. It will be available for purchase at all of my usual vendors, but those two allow pre-orders.

Click here to pre-order Out of My Mind on Amazon
Click here to pre-order Out of My Mind on Kobo

Scroll down to see the cover and blurb!

p.s. I picked the cover because I couldn’t stop staring (and blushing) at the model’s smile. Isn’t he the cutest? He reminded me of Mac.

p.p.s. While I have you, would you take a second to like the all-new A.J. Truman Facebook page?


Out of My Mind coverMac had to be out of his mind.

Completely out of his ever-loving mind to even consider rooming with Gideon. The same guy he kissed during his freshman year who said he was straight. He’s held Mac’s mind hostage for the last two years after running out that one special night. Mac was a fan of social experiments, and this one was going to be a doozy.

Gideon doesn’t sweat anything. He was always two lies ahead of everyone. A master at spinning rock solid alibis to protect the house of cards that was his life. To Browerton University, he’s the popular guy getting over a breakup. To his family…the dutiful and responsible son. But rooming with Mac was bringing up old memories and forming new ones. First, a friendship develops, and then a late night infused with alcohol pushes them into uncharted, benefits-laden waters.

As their sexual experimentation continues, and the lies add up, both of them fight to withstand the feelings growing between them, feelings that could ruin their friendship and topple Gideon’s house of cards for good.

Out of My Mind is the 3rd book in the Browerton University series, but can be read as a standalone. It contains humor, heart, and hot guys. This book is intended for readers 18+.

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Out on a Limb + News

Helo Outsiders,

I am in a little bit of a whirlwind with getting ready to release my next book, OUT ON A LIMB, which comes out April 18, 2016. [pause for gasps of excitement and spontaneous applause]

I wanted to drop a quick line to keep you updated. First, behold the cover and the blurb:

Out on a Limb - High ResolutionNo looking back. That’s the motto of college senior Cameron Buckley, whether he’s kicking his latest hookup out of bed or plotting out his future as a hit screenwriter. With only a few weeks until graduation, he’s ready to put Browerton University in his rearview mirror and start the life he’s been dreaming of ever since he was a kid. But a chance meeting with a sexy stranger in a bar throws a wrench into his Hollywood plans.

For Walker Reed, no looking back is hard to do when you work minutes away from your alma mater and share child custody with your college sweetheart. Almost fifteen years after graduating from Browerton, he can’t stop wondering how he got here. He has an ex who can’t stand him, a five-year-old son he can’t connect with, and a dead-end job he can’t escape.

When Cameron and Walker first meet, they know the rules. They know their friendship has an expiration date, yet it begins changing them in ways they never expected. As graduation looms, they both know things can’t go anywhere, but they can’t keep denying the feelings pulling them closer, even as an offer from Hollywood threatens to tear them apart forever.


Next, ch-ch-check out the front and back cover for the paperback version. Don’t you just love a guy with a wide stance? That means he’s carrying a lot of cargo.

out on a limb paperback cover

Yum. Moving on…

I’m attending GRL this year! Not only is it my first GRL, but it’s my first conference. Period. I’m ridiculously excited to meet readers and Outsiders. Comment on this post or message me on FB or email if you are going. If enough people respond yes, I may try to put together an Outsider drinks. Stay tuned.

Let’s see, let’s see…anything else?

I’ll be doing some guest posts, too at The Novel Approach and Boy Meets Boy Reviews, so watch out for those. And if you’re a real Outsider, then you may be privy to a super-secret, members-only contest happening in May. Make sure you’re signed up for updates.

Meanwhile, whenever I hear this song, it inspires me to write a kissing scene.

And that’s all she wrote. I didn’t set up pre-orders for OUT ON A LIMB, but links will be available on 4/18.  Lemme know what you think of the cover and book and GRL and life in general.



Writing Update – July 25

Writing Update

This is why none of my stories have paragraph indents, capital letters, or the number 1
This is why none of my stories have paragraph indents, capital letters, or the number 1

I can’t believe this is the last weekend of July. Where did this summer go? I know everyone says that, but summer in Chicago didn’t start until mid-month, when temperatures finally hit above 75 degrees.

I have been writing like a fiend. I am at 55,000 words on my WIP. Whenever I outline my books, I think my plot is rock solid…until I start writing. It’s the most frustrating part of this process. My plot usually falls apart by the second half. But that’s what revision is for. I always tell myself nobody gets it right on the first try. No first draft is publishable. I am merely generating the clay which will then get molded into a novel.

I hit 50k on Wednesday, exactly one month from when I started writing this book. My own private NaNoWriMo. I’ve done NaNo thrice and failed every single time. But now I know that I can do it! (And in less than 30 days since I don’t write on weekends, usually.)

Paperback News!

I have decided to publish Out in the Open as a paperback. I’ve had requests from readers about physical copies, and it was surprisingly easy to do on Createspace. Also, looking at my bookcase, it would be nice to have a physical edition of my book. Something to hold in my hands. I can flip through the pages of my very own book and know that I wrote this. 

The paperback should populate on Amazon in the next few days. I don’t have any plans to publish Behind Closed Doors as a paperback for the time being, since it’s not a full-length novel.

I’m off to dip my toes in Lake Michigan this weekend. How are you enjoying your summer?

Behind Closed Doors – Available Now!

What better way to kick off the 4th of July than with some hot guy-on-guy fireworks?

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS coverBehind Closed Doors is now released, available for purchase, out there in the flippin’ open to be read and (hopefully, fingers crossed) enjoyed. It was a real journey getting to this point, but I’m ecstatic and proud to have the next Browerton University book published. This book would not have made it without my fabulous readers.

You inspired me. You motivated me. I never would’ve considered writing a prequel or trying my hand at dual POV (both firsts for me) without your suggestions. As I always say, I love hearing from readers, good or bad, and I always respond.

Please consider rating and reviewing BCD (and Out in the Open) on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you feel comfortable. Reviews help readers discover new authors, so feel free to spread the word.

Behind Closed Doors is available to purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance Ebooks, and Smashwords. I hope it brings  a smile to your face, a tear to your eye, and a warm feeling to your no-no place.




UPDATE: Behind Closed Doors is now available to add on Goodreads.

I am super-duper-califragi-excited to reveal the next book in the Browerton University series. And it’s hot. Hotter than the sand under your feet.

Behind Closed Doors is a collection of short stories, all revolving around different twosomes at Browerton. Characters you met from Out in the Open are back. Many readers kept asking me for more of Greg and Ethan. While that couple has their happy ending, I started wondering what Greg was like before that fateful law lecture.

I also loved exploring the lives of side characters like Henry and Blake. Their stories may turn into full-length novels if there’s enough interest in following these characters.

I should tell you that I picked the cover because it best represents the thematic elements uniting these stories. Not because this guy has a ridiculous body. No, that didn’t factor into my cover decision at all.



At Browerton University, a lot can happen behind closed doors.

Two frat brothers can reveal their true feelings. An honor student’s dark past can come to light. Ten hours in a car can turn strangers into lovers. And a coach can teach his star quarterback a very valuable lesson.

Catch up with some familiar Browerton students and meet new ones. Four stories. Four doors. Endless possibilities.

  • Door Number One: The Whitmore Room  (Out in the Open prequel)
  • Door Number Two: Is There a Porn Star in my Class? 
  • Door Number Three: Road Trip Cone of Silence 
  • Door Number Four: Coach’s Revenge 

Behind Closed Doors is a collection of gay new adult romance stories filled with humor, heart, and hot guys. The book is intended for audiences 18+ as it contains explicit sex and language. Approx. 30,000 words.


Behind Closed Doors will be available for purchase on June 30th. I’ll have the Goodreads page up shortly, and the Amazon pre-order link later this month.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Friday Writing Update

Hello Hello Hello. Happy Friday!

Lana Del ReyThis weekend, I’m seeing the one, the only Lana Del Rey in concert. Naturally, the weather is plunging into the 40s and rain after a week of 80-degree sunshine. But I won’t let that stop me from enjoying the music. In fact, 40s and rainy seems like the perfect weather for Lana’s music. I hope she sings National Anthem, my favorite Lana song. It’s totally my pole dancing song, if I were ever to pole dance.

Don’t look at me like that. We all have a pole dancing song.

New Book News

Check back here on Monday for the reveal of the next Browerton University book. Title, cover, blurb, release date. You’re getting it all. (And if you were subscribed to my mailing list, you’ve gotten a sneak peek already.)

Writing Update


This is why none of my stories have paragraph indents, capital letters, or the number 1
This is why none of my stories have paragraph indents, capital letters, or the number 1

I’m aiming to make this a weekly segment. It’ll give me accountability for projects. Also, as my readers, I want to keep you guys in the loop. Conversely, if you don’t want to know how the sauce is made, feel free to skip this part.

This week, I worked on brainstorming a new book. For brainstorming, I freewrite in my journal. I put pen to paper and let my mind wander, capturing every random thought about character and plot. I don’t think. I just write. It’s a great way to discover these people. I fill up pages and pages with freewriting until the main plot points come into view.

I love learning about these characters and picturing the key scenes between them. I’m on a story high. It’s a bit like falling in love. At this point, everything in my story seems shiny and perfect. I know this won’t last forever. Drafting and revisions take their toll, but I always try to remember this feeling, this excitement for my story. It usually carries me through.


Thank you so much for reading! What’s your pole dancing song favorite song to dance to? What are you up to this weekend?

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