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It’s the Looking trailer!

I adored the show Looking, which had a brief but special 2-season run on HBO a few years ago. Dom’s mustache. House in Virginia. Kevin’s butt. (seriously) It was all wonderful. Most importantly, Looking showed gay characters as complex, imperfect individuals. Not stereotypes. It had the vibrant, fast-paced dialogue of director Andrew Haigh’s Weekend, another one of my favorites. I like to think that the characters in my Browerton University series would be friends with this gang.

When the show was cancelled after season 2, we were promised a wrap-up movie. And now it’s coming on July 23, and judging from the trailer, I know it’s going to be amazing and extra angsty and will send the show out with the bang it deserves. (Even though Kevin’s bleach blond hair is like a 2000s flashback nobody wanted.)

Did you watch Looking? Excited for the movie?




Euro Pride Con – this July

Gay PrideAs M/M romance and gay new adult gain in popularity, I’m so happy ecstatic that more conferences are popping up. Conferences are a great way for M/M readers and authors to connect with each other. Reading and writing can be a really solitary hobby. Some days, I’ll be listening to my characters and writing great dialogue only to realize that I haven’t spoken a word aloud all day.

And while chatting with people online is mega-super-awesome, there’s something to be said about hanging out with people in person. I love love love meeting people in person that I’ve known online. It’s like meeting a pen pal  or long lost relative. You have an already established connection. You already have mutual interests. There’s no better icebreaker than “Nice to meet you! We follow each other on Twitter.” Continue reading Euro Pride Con – this July