Friday Writing Update – June 5

TGIF! Another week bites the dust! I’m hoping this weekend is better than last, when the biting, cold wind and torrential rain made me skip going to the Lana Del Rey concert I was so jazzed for, and had been so jazzed for since January. I’m going to get some writing done and hopefully see that new Melissa McCarthy movie SPY, which is getting ridiculously great reviews.

Writing Update

This is why none of my stories have paragraph indents, capital letters, or the number 1
This is why none of my stories have paragraph indents, capital letters, or the number 1

I’m aiming to make this a weekly segment. It’ll give me accountability for projects. Also, as my readers, I want to keep you guys in the loop. Conversely, if you don’t want to know how the sauce is made, feel free to skip this part.

I’ve been working on final edits to Behind Closed Doors, getting the last pesky comma in order. I’m sending it off to my formatter this weekend. If you’re interested in getting an advanced copy to review, feel free to contact me.

I continued freewriting and brainstorming my next Browerton book. I’ve come up with some scenes I cannot wait to write. (and will probably need to fan myself while I write them) Next week, I’m aiming to bring the story to the notecard phase. Pictures to come!

I begun writing a new project. This is actually a young adult project I’ve had on my mind for a while. I love using the summer as writing motivation, trying to write a book between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The sun’s out when I wake up early. It’s too warm to stay in bed. I can celebrate my writing days with ice cream.

This weekend, I’m aiming to writing 10,000 words. It’s a fun stretch goal. I’ve done these 10k weekends in the past and challenged other authors. We’d give each other updates during the weekend and see if we can hit our goal by Sunday night. Let me know if you’re writing this weekend, and we can play together.

What are you up to this weekend? What are you working on? I hope you have great weather whatever your plans may be.




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