New Author Logo

It’s all about branding, they say. Well, I’m leaning in to my marketing side. I wanted to do something to tie my current and future books together. So I present to you…the A.J. Truman official logo!

A.J. Truman logo

I’m still figuring out how I’ll incorporate this into future materials, but I love the sexiness of a man in a suit. I’ll eventually stop writing about guys in college and move onto real-world adults, so this logo is a step in that direction. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

p.s. I’ve also started an official FB page. Would you be so kind as to ‘like’ it? I’ll be posting scoops there on my upcoming release.

2 thoughts on “New Author Logo”

  1. I posted my comment when you showed it on fb. I am glad you kept it. And actually you did introduce one adult to the mix-Walker, in out on a limb. I like the Brewerton stories and I still think the logo is perfect.

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