New Out in the Open short story!

A new short starring Greg and Ethan from Out in the Open is available now! Just in case your summer wasn’t hot enough, these two guys will bring the heat.

A Week by the Lake

True story: I made this cover myself.
True story: I made this cover myself.

Greg and Ethan from Out in the Open return for a summer trip that will test their relationship like never before.

Fresh from graduation, and a post-graduation romp in the library stacks, Greg is ready to enjoy the summer. But Ethan can’t stop thinking about whether they can do the long distance thing this fall. Greg takes him to his family’s lake house to unwind, but when he runs into a guy from his past, Ethan starts to wonder if they have a bigger problem than mileage.

A Week by the Lake is a short story at 10,000 words that contains humor, heart, some angst, some sex, a working fireplace, an uneaten sandwich, and a bike covered in Elmo stickers. It’s probably best if you read Out in the Open first, but new readers can still enjoy getting to know Greg and Ethan here.

A Week by the Lake is available now on Amazon!

2 thoughts on “New Out in the Open short story!”

  1. I’m an outsider so I got my copy early. This book brings out in the open full circle. It answers a lot of questions you may have had about Nathan and Greg as you witness the storm before the HEA calm. If you are thinking of skipping this vignette because you’ve already completed the series and there’s nothing left to know, shelve that thought and spend A Week by The Lake.

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