Treat Yo Self Day

Today is the light at the end of my tunnel, the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow, the reward after all my hard work. I have a tradition that whenever I finish a draft of a book, I celebrate with a “Treat Yo Self” Day, as epitomize by Tom and Donna from Parks & Recreation.

More than the fame and glory that will come with publishing said book eventually, what gets me through the grueling process of writing a draft is knowing that the day after I finish, I will get to pamper myself, doing what I want.

And that usually entails junk food.

I can usually finish one of these off before the coming attractions, then go up for a refill. #dontlookatme
I can usually finish one of these off before the coming attractions, then go up for a refill. #dontlookatme

I started this tradition back in college when I finish the first draft of my first ever screenplay. It was a Saturday night, and as soon as I finished, I walked to the corner store and bought myself a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Then I sat on my couch and watched Miss Congeniality.

Ten years later, things haven’t evolved too much from that tradition. After finishing my latest first draft yesterday, I will spend tomorrow treating myself to Chicago deep dish pizza and a midday movie where I will gorge on popcorn, chocolate, and non-diet soda. To some of you, this sounds amazing, and to others, it sounds like the saddest thing ever. To each his own.

But the point is that we need these Treat Yo Self days. Finishing a draft or accomplishing something huge is a big deal. We need to stay motivated. We need to celebrate our victories. Life can be filled with lots of setbacks and roadblocks and failures and crappy moments. We need to commemorate the good times, the times when we persevered and triumphed. And then tomorrow, it’s back to work.

How do you celebrate your small victories?

photo credit: Movie Time via photopin (license)

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