Writing Update – July 12

Well, I see it’s been a whole month since my last weekly writing update. #bloggingfail

I keep saying I’m going to be a steady blogger, posting weekly. I’ve said this multiple times to myself. Usually after saying how I’m going to stop eating chocolate and lose weight. I’m not good with the self pep talks.

Maybe I’m not meant to blog. I love reading blogs, and there are people who LOVE to blog. I salute them with both hands. This blog isn’t going away anytime soon, but it just won’t be as frequently updated, I’m afraid. For one, I don’t have stuff to blog about on a regular basis. I’m writing a blog right now about how I don’t blog enough.

But more importantly, the time I have available for writing goes to writing books. That’s number one priority for me. And on that front, I’ve been a busy caterpillar. (I don’t like bees.)

Writing Update

This is why none of my stories have paragraph indents, capital letters, or the number 1
This is why none of my stories have paragraph indents, capital letters, or the number 1

Last week was the most productive writing week of my life. No joke. I wrote 13,700 words this past week! I had no idea I was capable of that. Once I wrote 10,000 words in a weekend (years ago), and that was painful. That I wrote the 13k words only during Monday-Friday, on top of my full-time job, is even more astounding. How the heck did I accomplish this?

I didn’t do it alone. I’ve been having hourlong writing sprints with my writer friend across the country. We set up times to write — during lunch breaks, at night. We email each other right before the start with a word goal. Technically, it’s a “contest” to see who can write more words. But really, it’s motivation. Knowing someone is writing with me and knowing it’s only lasting an hour makes me push harder.

An hour isn’t much time but also plenty of write. You’d be shocked with how much you can accomplish an hour at a time.

The downside of writing this many words in a workweek is that pretty much every other element of my life went on pause. Dishes didn’t get washed. I didn’t do laundry. I didn’t hang out with friends. But on the plus side, I got all my writing done by Friday, so my weekend was relaxing and free, and life got back on track.

I’m at 30,000 words for my latest WIP. Already, I can tell this is going to be the longest book I ever write. At least as a rough draft. I’ll pare down to only the good stuff in revisions. I view a rough draft as gathering the clay. In future drafts is where I mold the clay into just exactly what I want. But that will come later. Right now, it’s all about getting words on the page.

If you’ve been thinking of writing a novel but haven’t made the jump yet, I suggest finding a writing buddy or writing group. They’ll provide motivation, accountability, and support – all necessary elements in writing.

How’s your writing coming? What are your goals for the week?

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