You Got Scrooged

I love the holidays. Dress me up in red and green and throw me in a department store Christmas display while Bing Crosby is playing on loop. I’m a total sucker for cheesy Christmas movies, especially ones that are inspired by A Christmas Carol. I’m looking at you A Diva’s Christmas Carol and A Muppet Christmas Carol.

(Apparently you can watch all of A Diva’s Christmas Carol on YouTube. Lucky you!)

This year, I finally decided to write my own spin on this famous tale, with a fun twist. If you’ve ever dreamed about Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit falling in love and getting in on, then You Got Scrooged is for you.


HYou Got Scrooged coverow the dickens did Geoff Anderson’s life end up like this? One moment, he was a Broadway-bound actor, and the next, he’s playing Bob Cratchit in a community theater production of A Christmas Carol opposite Harvey, the most chipper (and attractive) Scrooge in history. For Geoff, Christmas is filled with painful memories he’d prefer to wash away with his flask full of bourbon. After a diva-tastic meltdown backstage on Christmas Eve, Geoff storms out of the theater, ready to spend another holiday alone. But instead, he totally gets Scrooged.

Join Geoff on a journey revisiting the heartache of his past and the blindspots of his present, with Harvey, who also has secrets of his own, along for the ride. As the night wears on, these two mismatched co-stars start to bond, but will it be enough to prevent the nightmare vision of Geoff’s future from coming true?

You Got Scrooged is a short story of 18,000 words that will be sure to scratch your holiday itch. Although if it’s still itching, you might want to see a doctor.

You Got Scrooged is available exclusively on Amazon. Get your ba-humbug on today!


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