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Spencer didn’t want summer to end.

While he lives for leading his beach volleyball team to victory, off the court, he’s all “I” and no team, eager to avoid the drama of relationships. He especially has no interest in his kinda-odd-but-kinda-cute neighbor Patrick, a guy who owns enough pumpkin-scented candles to start a wildfire.

For Patrick, the feeling is very much mutual. He’d rather watch wax melt than share air with his kinda-rude-but-kinda-hot jock neighbor. Newly single from a painful breakup, he just wants to enjoy his first fall back in Chicago.


But Patrick’s plan and Spencer’s perfect summer both come to a crashing halt after Spencer eats it on the court and winds up in a cast. Stuck having to help his neighbor get around, Patrick begins to break through the bumps and spikes of Spencer’s personality.


As the two of them experience all the glory fall has to offer, they soon find themselves lost in a corn maze of emotions. But will their newfound closeness fall apart once Spencer’s cast comes off?


Fall for You is a story for everyone who believes in the magic of love, the beauty of autumn, and the power of scented candles.

Fall For You

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