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A no-strings-attached hookup with his "straight" roommate? Mac hit the college sex jackpot.


After being dumped and evicted by his boyfriend, Mac needed a place to live ASAP.

But room with Gideon? The guy who held off announcing he was straight until after Mac went in for a kiss two years ago?


Sure, Gideon’s still his charming, popular self. And his love of walking around the apartment shirtless is a nice perk. Mac could look and not touch.


Until one drunken night. When there’s lots of touching.


With Gideon’s heterosexuality now firmly in flux, they commence fooling around on the regular. But only in the apartment, which kind of makes Mac feel like a frog in biology class: used for experimentation only.


It’s tough to keep things sex-only, especially when Gideon reveals the genuine, thoughtful guy under the “no homo” bravado, the guy whose Big Man on Campus persona masks deep-seeded shame around being gay.


Mac thought he could play the dirty little secret game, but his heart is rapidly running out of patience. And the happy ending he keeps imagining with his roommate feels more and more out of reach.

Out of my Mind

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