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Nathan was trading London nightclubs for sheep farms – and one epically sexy shepherd

Nathan is well-versed in loneliness. Failing out of rehab more times than school, his father and new wife want nothing more to do with him. And as for his real mom, she skipped town as soon as he was born.

Or did she?

Nathan stumbles upon an old photo in his dad’s office that unlocks the answer to his mother’s whereabouts. To get to the truth of why she left, he travels to New Zealand and pretends to be a farmhand to work on her family’s sheep farm.

Despite never having done a day of manual labor in his life. Or woken up before dawn.

It’s no wonder he instantly butts heads with the smoking hot, not-at-all jolly rancher Liam.


Liam needed a ranch hand to make it through lambing season. What he got was a mouthy city boy who can’t follow instructions, doesn’t own a decent pair of boots, and talks with the sheep like they’re gals at brunch. Nathan is irritating and stubborn, but also funny and thoughtful and ultimately, a kindred lonely soul like himself.

The closer Nathan gets with Liam, the harder it becomes to reveal what brought him to New Zealand. Because if he admits who he really is, it could shatter his family and his one true shot at love.

Outside Looking In

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