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Rafe had one thing at the top of his British bucket list: lose his virginity

Rafe saw his study abroad trip as a chance to finally have some real adventures. No more being the naive, inexperienced guy that people ignore. Yet life on the other side of the pond gets off to a rough start.

Instead of cool digs in the heart of London, he winds up at a small school in the country with hardly any other American students, no dining hall, and a sexy, sarcastic British flatmate Eamonn who won’t stop rolling his eyes at his utter Americanness. 

Eamonn reluctantly agrees to be Rafe’s sherpa through uni and British life. Being with Rafe is supposed to be a distraction from the heartbreak his ex-boyfriend left him with. But as they spend more time together, his flatmate’s sunny optimism grows on him, and the walls around his heart begin to fall faster than London Bridge.

Too bad Rafe’s got a return ticket back to the states waiting to rip them apart.

Out of this World

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