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A college playboy and a single dad. Does this relationship stand a chance?


College senior Cameron racks up one-night stands faster than student debt. He sees no point in getting tangled up in romance since he’s moving to Hollywood after graduation. His screenwriting dreams don’t come with a boyfriend.


But then a hot single dad strolls into his bar.


For Walker, fifteen years after graduating from Browerton, youthful optimism has been replaced by cold, hard adulting. A fling with a college student wasn’t on his bingo card, but it’s some much-needed distraction.


They know the rules: Sex only. No feelings.


But Walker can’t stop thinking about his cute film buff. And Cameron begins forging a bond with Walker’s son. And soon, they start to feel like a family.


With graduation looming and Hollywood beckoning, the timing could not be worse. As their chemistry goes from unexpected to undeniable, they’ll have to decide if this relationship can outlive its expiration date.

Out on a Limb

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